We offer a non-clinical social prescribing service. Clients can access sessions offered by our teams throughout Dorset who will help address issues that are affecting day to day life. 
Helping a person to have more good days and feeling able to address the things that get in the way. People may have a long- term health condition, caring responsibilities, work uncertainty or money worries for example. The service helps people to self- manage the action they might decide to take and help build resilience. 
On a more practical level, the service can also identify activities and support groups that may be of interest and where appropriate they can introduce them or even accompany someone to a group for the first time.  We can offer telephone, video or face to face appointments or a mixture of all.
Following receipt of a referral, an initial conversation providing more details about the service and how it might help will also include agreed method of future contact. Dorset Wide Service 9am-5pm Monday to Friday 18+ Must be registered with a GP in Dorset.